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The GrufeKit now has its very own home, where you can browse and buy your green roof kits, including all the accessories, in one place.  Moving to an online shopping experience will make it easier for you to purchase materials for your DIY greening project.

 As always, if you have any questions please give us a shout on +44 (0)1243 545818.

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Benefits of Green Roofs


Often planted with wildflowers and meadow grasses, beehives, bird baths and log or stone outcrops can also be included to provide an alternative ecological habitat.

Rainwater retention

A green roof can intercept 50% of annual rainfall and can be a useful contribution to a larger rainwater management scheme.

Structural Protection

Protecting the roof membrane from the elements increases the lifespan of a roof from the average 20 years to 50-70 years.

Building Standards

Covering what’s usually a wasted area of a building with greenery can improve performance and aids compliance with environmental regulations and building standards.

Green Roof

Why use GrufeKit?

Efficient Installation

The simple install process means nearly anyone can install which can save sub-contracting costs.

Fully Established

The GrufeTiles arrive to site pre-grown and fully acclimatised. With no roll out of carpet or planting of sedum plugs required like traditional green roof systems, the GrufeKit provides instant impact.

Low maintenance

Sedum is a hardy low-growing evergreen plant that require little to no maintenance and is the foundation of our green roof system.

No irrigation

A GrufeKit green roof requires no irrigation system, making it simple but effective.

What our customers have to say

Through Spring and Summer one wildflower variety after another has come into bloom and then given way to another. This has provided a constantly changing mosaic and a dense carpet on which bees busily clamber about.


Washington Private Residence

Featured case study

Boston Spa Residence

Making the most of a large flat garage roof overlooked by an upstairs window with the Sedum & Wildflower GrufeKit.

View case study

Boston Spa Residence
Boston Spa Residence

Featured case study

Deansgate Metrolink

Transport for Greater Manchester and SimpsonHaugh Architects worked on creating a 'distinctive tram stop within a landscaped park setting that enhances the passenger experience' that involved the incorporation of green infrastructure on several elevations.

View case study

Deansgate Metrolink
Deansgate Metrolink

Featured case study

University of Leicester

The building has a large green wall as well as a green roof and a ground level planting scheme to attract wildlife to promote bio-diversity and pollination.

View case study

University of Leicester
University of Leicester

Featured case study

Bermondsey Works

Architects Standerwick Land Design designed this extensive roof garden to provide an area where residents could interact and meet to create a greater sense of community. This concept involved bespoke seating, play features, artificial grass and natural garden areas.

View case study

Bermondsey Works
Bermondsey Works
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How we do it

Established at the nursery

The GrufeTiles are grown and acclimatised at the nursery before they are delivered.

Protection fleece

Once the kit is delivered, the protection fleece is laid down on top of the waterproof roof structure.

Clip together

The modules are then clipped together on top of the fleece and can be cut to fit.

Finishing touches

Once the fleece and modules are laid, the chosen accessories can be fitted to create a clean finish: the GrufeGuard and the Scottish Pebbles.

It is first class service - and I am making sure friends and colleagues know how good it is.

GrufeKit Client

How to install GrufeKit

See how simple it is to install a Green Roof using Viritopia's GrufeKit.

Everything you need to know about green roofs