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The Benefits

Turn-key solution

We offer the complete turn-key solution for the Viritopia Living Wall system, working with you through initial feasibility stages, concept designs, planting, establishment, installation and on-going maintenance. This means we are your one-point of contact, making the experience of integrating greening into your project seamless.

Planning & Regulations

We have experience on multiple schemes where we enabled planning permission, compliance with regulations such as Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) and Urban Greening Factor (UGF), as well as achievement of standards such as BREEAM, Passivhaus and WELL. We have also worked on projects which followed the circular economy standard. Our consulting team are well-researched and have the expertise to design bespoke greening solutions that ensure regulations or standards are met.

No hidden costs

What you see in our proposal is what you will get – no extra costs along the way and nothing hidden from view. We are always open to discussing how we’ve put our proposals together and how we can work within the project restraints to deliver the green infrastructure. We discuss all the potential challenges, on and off site, before we commence, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible.


We’ve worked with architects, contractors and developers for over 10 years as we’ve fine-tuned and developed our systems to ensure a perfect finish and long-term sustainability. Our team has experience in working on a variety of projects, all with their unique challenges, and use their experience with the systems to find solutions to ensure the brief is fulfilled. We are continually looking to improve how we work and what we do, improving our processes, sustainability, and long-term environmental impacts.

Environmental impact

Everything we design and create uses nature at its core. We harness the power of nature within our systems to create something that is easily integrated into a variety of projects inside and out. Using natural soil and living plants means that we can tailor the designs to cater for the project drivers, for example, improving biodiversity, air quality, promoting health and well-being, having a social impact or just simply for aesthetics, nature means we can be really flexible when it comes to creating a unique feature and promoting a sustainable future.

Another key advantage or working with a natural organic substrate is its resilience. As the plants are growing in their natural habitat, they are more resilient to adverse conditions. Soil also naturally retains moisture which means we can keep the water usage low. Essentially, soil allows us to create long-term sustainable solutions.

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