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Client background

The University of Leicester's new Centre for Medicine is the largest ultra-energy efficient Passivhaus in the UK.  

Featured Solutions:

  • Exterior Living Wall
  • Sedum & Wildflower GrufeKit

Standards Met:

  • Passivhaus

Size:     150m² - 300m²

Industry:     Universities, Colleges & Schools

Project Drivers


Social Impact

Air Quality

University of Leicester Green Roof and Living Wall

Promoting biodiversity and pollination

The building has a large green wall as well as a green roof and a ground level planting scheme to attract wildlife to promote bio-diversity and pollination.

View the GrufeKit range.
University of Leicester Green Roof

This gives Leicester medical students the most advanced environment in which to study medicine in the UK.

Strawberries and flowering plants

We included strawberries and flowering plants in the plant palette to not only support biodiversity but provide seasonal interest for the students.  We continue to maintain the project.

University of Leicester Green Roof and Living Wall


This is a great example of how to incorporate the required drainage into the design in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Drainage for the living wall at leicester university

The green roof

Our GrufeKit green roof system was used at the project to further improve the efficiencies of the building and increase it's sustainable value.

Green roof and living wall on the building

The benefit of both

Seamlessly integrating a living wall and green roof into a building gives a stunning finish and allows for further regulations to be met.  Green roofs can be designed effectively provide for biodiversity and thus aid compliance with Biodiversity Net Gain targets.  Alongside a natural living wall, this makes for a finished result that packs a powerful punch for the environment and the building's efficiencies.

We worked with...

University of LeicesterAssociated Architects and Willmott Dixon to complete the living wall and green roof.

Wildflower Green Roof and Living Wall At University Of Leicester