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If designed and installed well Green roofs will only require a minimum amount of maintenance each year and will provide a huge number of benefits to your building.

Generally speaking, if a green roof or sedum roof has been installed correctly using an effective system, maintenance of is minimal. But before installing we suggest you follow these tips so that you get the very best from your roof.

Key green roof maintenance considerations:

Planning your green roof

The biggest barrier to effective maintenance of a green roof is access. Getting to your sedum roof has to be of primary importance and this should be considered early on before the living roof has been designed and installed.


Plan in advance, it is worth considering when you will schedule maintenance. Rather than reacting late, anticipate key times of the year. Maintenance is best carried out in late winter or early spring and if breeding birds are likely to be affected by maintenance, you should schedule work before the nesting season begins. Also keep in mind that living roofs situated near to deciduous trees also need maintaining in late autumn to clear leaves.


One or two inspections of the green roofs may be needed in the first year to ensure that all the plants are bedding in, gutters and drains are clear from blockages and unwanted plant species are removed (depending on whether you have opted for a Biodiverse roof or not). Occasionally some plants may need replacing or to be given additional nutrients, but on the whole living roof maintenance is straightforward and easy to carry out.


A green roof is a living thing and as such will react to external environmental forces, both in positive and sometimes negatives ways. For example in times of drought or flood the plants may suffer unless attended to. The good news is that sedum roofs are extremely robust and with a little maintenance will easily survive even the most severe weather conditions.

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