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Your Guide to Living Roofs

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Living roofs for biodiversity

biodiverse green roof

Looking at integrating a green roof to cater for local biodiversity or meet environmental regulations like Biodiversity Net Gain?  Let's take a look at what an ultimate biodiverse green roof looks like.

Living roofs for well-being

green roof on top of a city building

Implementing a green roof to create a social space that encourages well-being? Let's take a look at how you can design a living roof to promote interaction with nature and create healthier spaces.

Need advice?

Designing to meet environmental regulation but not sure how with the restrictions on-site?  Or do you need a feasibility study, concept designs and potential costs for the greening on your project?

You may be looking for our consultancy team!

colleagues working at a desk with paper and pen with laptops
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Why should you trust us?

Horticultural knowledge

We started off as plant wholesalers following a passion for horticulture, so you can be sure to have designs backed up with solid horticultural knowledge.

In-house expertise

All the technical expertise you need in-house and with a background in urban greening, everything you need to see your project through to completion is in one place.

Full support

Our skills as a team range from landscape architecture to project management, so you have full support through every stage of the process from design to final installation and on-going maintenance.

Bespoke design

Every project has different objectives. That means that every project has its own bespoke design.

We felt that the reassurances we were receiving and the feedback helped us through the process. We found Viritopia a safe pair of hands for a very high profile project where their work was a very significant component and failure wasn't an option.

Jessica Beattie

Senior Landscape Architect at SpaceHub Design

Intensive living roof

1 New Street Square

Working with the architects, we developed the overlooked terraces into landscaped areas that focused on providing benefits for biodiversity and well-being, using sources of nectar, seasonal interest and colour.

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1 New Street Square
1 New Street Square

Intensive & extensive living roofs

Victoria Square MSCP

As well as the 1,700m² living wall on the façade of the multi-storey car park in Victoria Way (you can get an insight into the creation of this here), we designed and installed the 4,200m² of green roofs over two levels of the car park.

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Victoria Square MSCP
Victoria Square MSCP
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Our living roof process


Site survey with analysis of project objectives and potential gain


Concept drawings and indicative plant palettes shared and confirmed


Sourcing, planting and establishment at the nursery


The components for the green roof are installed on-site


The site is looked after by our maintenance team, to a schedule that suits you.

Green roof systems we design with