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Fulfilling your green agenda

Pushed to make your spaces more ‘nature-proof’? Let’s look at approaches and systems that have the science behind them on climate resilience. 

Trying to balance development demands with nature objectives? There doesn’t always have to be compromise. The balance is down to design. 

Need to alleviate the pressure on the infrastructure?  Maybe it's time to look at blue-green infrastructure.

Advising architects and developers on what can and can’t be done?  Build your expertise through workshops and training on delivery of green infrastructure.

Planning a living wall

Liverpool's agenda

Dr Juliet Staples and Cllr Laura Robertson-Collins talk about why they wanted a living wall, what it's achieving and how they're tracking its success for carbon capture, biodiversity, and temperature regulation as a part of Liverpools URBAN GreenUP scheme.

Enabling you to become an expert

Be able to answer questions as an authority on green space and infrastructure in your area.  Train your team so they can make right judgements and dictate to developers and architects as to what they can do practically within a space.

Join a live session

man looking at laptop on a teams call

Browse the range of online CPD sessions, from creating long-lasting environmental assets, to fire regulations, specifics about plants, and biopilic design.

Book a workshop

workshop with post it notes

Book a workshop for your team, in-person or online, where we'll discuss the opportunities and challenges with integrating GI in your area, looking at real projects, sites and drawings.

Supporting you in meeting environmental regulations and standards

Your support to achieving a specific Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) score, or BREEAM Excellent standard is right here. Our experience in both horticulture and architectural design affords us a consolidated view of the opportunities there are in urban greening.


Biodiversity Net Gain


Building Research Establishment
Environmental Assessment Method


Urban Greening Factor

Your living wall questions, answered

Contact us to

  • Book a workshop for your team
  • Carry out a feasibility analysis within your borough
  • Look at the environmental gains possible for your region
  • Explore community involvement through green infrastructure
    • Local welfare improvement groups, schools, colleges, public and social spaces and community events.

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