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Project Background

Approached by WSP following a recommendation from Liverpool City Council after our work with them at Parr Street, we were keen to work on this project which is in an iconic location in Liverpool.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Soil-based living wall system

Project Drivers

Social Impact


3D render of a curved living wall structure

Soil-based system

The brief was to enhance the entrance to Liverpool One, a shopping, residential and leisure complex over 42 hectares in the city centre, using green infrastructure.  We decided to use our soil-based living wall system, as with this we have great design scope.

Creating a structure

With nothing to fix to, we designed and built a steel frame for the living wall modules.  The living wall is designed to cover the whole structure, sitting on a base where we have some ground planting, designed with a colourful palette.

Isometric view of a structure or frame

Plant selection for the living wall

The plant palette was selected with a lot of care, as the site of the greening is very exposed with windy and saline conditions as it’s only a few metres away from the coast.  We also had to cater to all aspects as the living wall faces all four sides.  Therefore, the plants had to range from suiting full shade, to full sun.

One of the main requests was to represent Liverpool One’s brand in the design, which we met by using the white flowers of Olearia Haastii Daisy Bush, Yarrow, and Eryngium ‘Silver Ghost’ to create a heart shape – one aspect of Liverpool One’s logo.

Planting design for a living wall