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Creating Living Walls in Sweden

Green met green in Sweden when we were asked to create outdoor living walls for a recycling centre. With Sweden experiencing harsh variations in weather conditions, we decided to trial several plants to see which would thrive in an outdoor living wall. We installed many plant varieties on site and monitored them over the course of a year. The best plants were chosen for the final installation, ensuring long term sustainability.

As well as running trials, we also carry out training with the people who will be looking after the wall to ensure it remains as good as it looks on installation. With the ability to log on to the irrigation controller, Viritopia continually monitors the system and can make any necessary adjustments remotely.

Get in touch

If you're looking at a living wall project in Sweden, our Sales Director, Scott Anderson is the person to speak to.  He'll be able to introduce you to our partner and get the ball rolling.

Scott Anderson
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