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Creating Living Walls in Austria

Boasting the Alps and some of the most inspiring views in Europe, Austria is no stranger to beauty. The people of Austria have quickly got on board with the idea of living walls to extend that natural beauty.

Viritopia have worked on several projects here, including a green roof on a cruise ship and on several private properties (like the one pictured). We wanted to create a place where people could relax away from everyday life, and we transformed the deck of the ship to create a bespoke living roof. By sourcing local species of plants that would thrive in the environments the ship encounters, we crafted a living roof that served as a tranquil garden for the ship’s passengers. It was important to make the ship blend with the local scenery, so we took inspiration from the awe-inspiring landscape to recreate the atmosphere. The visual impact was very impressive and created a real talking point amongst passengers and passers by.

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If you're looking at a living wall project in Austria, our Sales Director, Scott Anderson is the person to speak to.  He'll be able to introduce you to our partner and get the ball rolling.

Scott Anderson
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