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purple flower on a bed of green grass

What can a green roof do for biodiversity?


Natural soil is hugely important to allow many insects to survive and thrive. Many make their home in soil and bringing natural soil into our urban spaces creates new ecological habitats. Did you know the solitary bee makes its home in soil rather than a hive?


Designing a living roof with the right plants, for example focusing on native species and pollinators, means you can be providing important food sources for bees, butterflies and birds.

Ecological habitats

Creating pockets of green in our dense urban spaces allows us to slowly re-introduce wildlife that has been forced out due to construction and development, and create a better balance between urban and rural.

Design for Biodiversity Net Gain

Whilst there are many different factors affecting your overall BNG score, using a native, species-rich plant palette which provides benefits to urban invertebrates (e.g. pollinating insects), birds and bats, and natural soil will give you a better score.

BNG scores for different green roofs

How to improve your Biodiversity Net Gain score with green roofs

  • Use an intensive substrate with a depth of at least 100mm
  • Choose a species-rich plant palette
  • Focus on native plants (local to the area)
  • Use a mixture of materials such as log piles, local recycled aggregates such as rubble, or coils of rope to create different micro-habitats.
  • Use plant species that are sources of nectar or provide seed and fodder

More tips in our guide to living roofs

biodiverse green roof with wildflowers and tall grasses overlooking playing fields

Your Guide to Living Roofs

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