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Client background

XL Catlin underwrites insurance and reinsurance for industrial, commercial and professional firms, insurance companies and other enterprises throughout the world. The merger of XL with Catlin brings together an incredible blend of people, products, services and technology to help businesses in every sector.

Featured Solutions:

  • Interior Living Wall

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Industry:     Offices & Workplaces

Project Drivers



Scope of works

A refurbishment in the main office reception area was undertaken and to complete the look of the stunning fit-out, a living wall was required.

As usual, it was a bespoke project with unique requirements and due to the wall being double sided and on the Seventh floor, weight was a critical consideration. The Viritopia living wall modules were fixed to a wooden framework (fabricated by Viritopia) which ran the length of the corridor in a curved shape.

Interior Living Wall