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Client Background

Rizon Jet's award-winning, multi-million pound VIP terminal and maintenance operation (based at London Biggin Hill Airport) opened in May 2011. The Rizon Jet Biggin Hill FBO combines exquisitely appointed VIP lounges, dining areas and business suites with efficient, discreet, attentive services, allowing you to work, relax and dine in the utmost luxury. Founded in 2006, it provides a turnkey solution to private aviation and business jet travel.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Project Drivers


Social Impact


looking up a vertical garden with indoor plants in an airport entrance way lounge area

Six star reception...

The brief from the client was to create 'a six star hotel reception', an atmosphere of richness and structural drama that our full-height living wall (4m x 4.5m) instantly communicates. The foliage, which is set into colour patterns, is designed to self-water automatically to ensure a uniform look and easy maintenance.

luxurious airport lounge with a living natural vertical garden in the background behind the reception desk

Plant species

The living wall design features more than 14 interior plant species which have a wide spectrum of colours and textures, including Maranta leuconeura 'Kerchoveana', Spathiphylum sweet benitoAsparagus sprengeri and Tradescantia zebrina. These plant choices create swathes of colour and leaf sizes that help contribute towards the simple and calm colour palette found throughout the luxurious building.

We were so excited about such a masterpiece, that we decided to situate it in the main entrance hall where our customers were given the sense of a warm welcome.

Client at Rizon Jet