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Client Background

One World Design Architects were chosen to design and manage the refurbishment of this family home in London.  Viritopia were taken on board to design, supply and install the two living walls specified in the project.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System

Size:     1m² - 25m²

Industry:     Residential

Project Drivers




A continuous tapestry

Set within a very unique design concept, the Viritopia design team put their heads together to create two living walls - one interior and one exterior - that flowed seamlessley in a continuous tapestry, seperated only by the specialist Exact Architectural Glazing.  The extension was designed to create an open-plan entertainment space which brings the garden into the home.

Both walls only seem to improve with age and there’s always something new flourishing to surprise us. The indoor softens the harsh surfaces of our kitchen improving the room’s sound quality and the outdoor has been particularly popular with bees.



Lighting was an important part of the design of the living walls into the space, to enhance the beautiful textures and 3D effects of the different plants in the evenings and allow the homeowners and guests to enjoy the living walls at all times of the day.

Photography by Charlie Round-Turner

lighting for the living walls at herondale avenue