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Client Background

This new building project (consisting of four new top end residential homes in a sought after area in London) made a dramatic impact by introducing living walls in the courtyard area. This enhanced the property, added value and made the units easier to sell. By providing this quality feature the developer set their residences apart from the competition.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     1m² - 25m²

Project Drivers



looking up at a vertical green wall

Creating a centrepiece

We worked with the client to transform what was a very small and challenging courtyard into an enjoyable and attractive space that also brings life and colour throughout the house. On both the ground floor and in the basement, the living wall is a central feature.

looking out onto an atrium light well with a living wall

Plant variety...

A number of species were used to create a jaw dropping, colourful experience. The basement living wall was surrounded by glass. Next to the kitchen area, a small selection of herbs were planted in the wall. The cook can make use of them when preparing a culinary masterpiece.

pink flowers in a vertical living wall with two chairs