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Creating Living Walls in United States

You won’t find a better cultural mix than in the USA – from music to film, hospitality to landmarks there are undoubtedly a lot of unrivalled cultural achievements in the USA. This means that nationals and visitors alike have high expectations – and we certainly wanted to live up to these.

We were commissioned to install urban landscaping on two cruise ships. The difference in climates the ships experience meant we had to carefully plan the types of plants we used. A mix of local and sub-tropical plants gave a great effect – and we even got to use some artistic license. Ever seen a world map etched into a living plant wall on a cruise ship? You can see it all in this case study.

We are actively looking for distributors based in the USA to extend our global network further.  Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

crystal symphony cruise ship dining area

Get in touch

If you're looking at a living wall project in the United States, our Sales Director, Scott Anderson is the person to speak to.  He'll be able to introduce you to our partner and get the ball rolling.

Scott Anderson
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