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Who leads the tours?

Our London tours are usually led by Steve McIntyre, our Principal Urban Environment Consultant and/or Niall McEvoy, Green Infrastructure Consultant.  Their extensive horticultural knowledge and experience working with living walls and green roofs through the end-to-end process makes for an interesting time.

What does it involve?

The London tours generally start with us welcoming you into our London offices, with a hot/cold drink and some refreshments. We then provide you with a quick presentation about an overview on Viritopia, and then head for the tour to visit projects located in close proximity of our office based in Little Britain. 

Let's explore the future of a greener and healthier environment together. 

How many can join?

We welcome anyone, whether it’s just you or a whole group.  Just let us know.


Viritopia, 20 Little Britain, London, EC1A 7DH