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Creating Living Walls in Denmark

As home to many corporate headquarters, the Danish certainly like to make an impression in business. One of our clients requested two stunning indoor living walls at the entrance to their conference centre. Standing at over six metres tall each, the lush foliage wows visitors as they enter the venue. Viritopia worked closely with the architects to incorporate the irrigation systems and drainage within the building fabric, creating a low maintenance yet stunning feature.

Denmark is also home to one of our tallest projects yet, a living wall five storeys high. This impressive piece took just two weeks to install. Our client really wanted to go for the wow factor, so we added some uplighters to really make it stand out. Hundreds of employees and visitors pass this wall every day, and the oxygen generated by the plants will certainly help people think clearly in this office.

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If you're looking at a living wall project in Denmark, our Sales Director, Scott Anderson is the person to speak to.  He'll be able to introduce you to our partner and get the ball rolling.

Scott Anderson
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