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Urban greening is catching on in Australasia as cities are being enhanced with the addition of plants. The introduction of the Viritopia Living Wall system to the region has provided an established system that has been proven globally in all climates and ensures healthy and sustainable green walls for the long term.

Both the interior landscape, which includes offices, public building and homes, and the exterior of buildings can be greened. Our aim in working with our partner SMI National is to green the cities of Australia from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane to Perth and Darwin to Adelaide. No project is too difficult for our experienced teams and proven system. We also provide living walls in New Zealand. Get in touch to find out how we can help with your project.

SMI National

SMI National

Speak to Louis

If you're looking at a living wall project in Australia, SMI National's Louis Pridham is the person to speak to.  He'll be able to discuss with you and get the ball rolling.

Louis Pridham
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