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60 minutes + Q&A


A consolidated view of the results of integrating green infrastructure for the environment, economy and society, backed by data and case studies.  From the roofs to the walls and perimeters of buildings, let’s look at the opportunities for greening even in the more complex scenarios.  We’ll discuss how greening systems can be designed for varying purposes such as biodiversity, biophilia or air quality, and find out how design influences whether you meet environmental regulations such as BNG or UGF.

By the end of the session, you’ll understand and be able to apply the principles underlying a long-lasting environmental asset.

RIBA Core Curriculum

  • Sustainable architecture
  • Design, construction and technology

Learning outcomes

  1. Be able to explain why nature is crucial for the health of our spaces, people, economy and of course, the environment.
  2. Understand how living walls and green roofs can be applied to and designed for different applications to achieve a projects purpose.
  3. Be aware of the efficiencies available and the sustainable strategies that can be put in place with green infrastructure, along with what can and can’t be done within the fire regulations.
  4. A general understanding of BNG, UGF, BREEAM and circular economy principles and how these can be achieved through the design of GI.
  5. A full understanding of the four key principles of a successfully implemented GI system.

Got a team?

You can also book a private session for your team, to be held online or face to face. Simply get in touch here and we can pick a day and time that suits you.