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Join us live

(RIBA Core Curriculum)


Covering how living walls are fire tested and breaking down what a system's rating really means. More importantly, we'll discuss where living walls can and can't be used, things to watch out for in the market and design amendments to improve fire safety.

You'll also gain a clear understanding of the 4 steps to a fully compliant living wall installation. The aim is for you to leave this session with a better understanding of fire safety around green walls, and where and how you can design them into your projects safely.

RIBA Core Curriculum

  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Design, construction and technology

Learning outcomes

  1. Understand how living walls are fire safety rated
  2. Be able to explain what a fire rating means
  3. Be aware of and able to spot bad practice in the market
  4. Understand how you can use certain design amendments to improve the fire safety of a living wall
  5. Gain a clear understanding of the 4 steps to a fully compliant living wall installation

Got a team?

We also run private sessions for architect practices.  These sessions are ideal if you have a team of people you'd like to involve. Simply get in touch here and we can pick a day and time that suits you.