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Project Background

University of Hull hired Viritopia to complete a biodiverse and biophilic space for the students. This creates an excellent backdrop for them when sitting outside, also creating a calm and natural environment.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall Systems (Exterior)

Project Drivers


Social Impact


Living Wall by picnic benches

How it improves well-being and learning

Did you know that it has been proven that students have better concentration when surrounded by nature and green infrastructure?  In fact, the London Living Roofs and Walls Report (2019) states that viewing green infrastructure can improve concentration levels by 6% whilst viewing bare concrete can reduce concentration levels by 8%.  It is much better for not just the students, but the staff’s wellbeing and mental health, along with the health of the insects that create new homes and habitats inside the walls.

Living wall at University of Hull

“I would like to just say how good the living wall is looking. We have had lots of comments regarding the wall from residents, and the work Danius has done is amazing. He's a credit to your company: always on time, polite, and gets on with his work.”