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Client Background

In their own words, The Pavilion is “a space for Mind Body Wellness” designed around the Chichester community.  Working with local businesses in the creation of the space (which forms several purposes: fitness studio, therapy rooms, café, and an outdoor terrace), we were proud to be a part of this build with a great purpose.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     42m²

Project Drivers



living wall as a backdrop to a sustainable cafe in a pavilion building

A natural backdrop

A lush plant palette with a tropical feel, these living walls were designed for the experience in mind.  Whether it’s supporting peaceful yoga classes, a gruelling group fitness session or a workshop, the wall brings the biophilic effect to the fore, bringing people closer to nature and allowing them to experience the benefits it can bring.

living wall as a backdrop to a busy cafe