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Client Background

Founded in 1976, The Body Shop has grown from a single store in Brighton on the South Coast of England, to some 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide. They offer a range of beauty products which are sourced from some of the finest raw ingredients around the globe. They are committed to lessen their impact on the environment by reducing the energy they consume and by generating less waste.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     1m² - 25m²

Project Drivers


Social Impact


lush green mossy living wall in a retail store in a shopping mall

14 different herbs

Due to the nature of The Body Shop store in Westfield Shopping Centre, Stratford, Viritopia was approached to create an eye-catching piece of work. Consequently a living wall was produced depicting a world map; each country containing native species of plants that correspond with the line of ethically produced products in the store.

The living wall features more than 14 different herbs including rosemary, lemon verbena, aloe vera and mint to outline the countries, whilst Soleirolia soleirolii was used for the sea. 

shopping mall store window with green living wall

The end result

The installation is cleverly positioned both inside and outside the store, guaranteeing attention from passers-by. The end result is visually stunning and a perfect way to promote the company's green and ethical sourcing policies.

inside the body shop store in a shopping mall with soap products and a living wall