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Client Background

Brookfield Properties Partners is a global office property group that owns, manages, and develops premier assets in the world's most dynamic and resilient markets. The company's signature properties define the skylines of cities around the globe, including New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Toronto, London and Sydney.

Designed by architects HKR, and built by Skanska, our work here at Moor Place was on designing and integrating different greening systems to create a ‘bank’ between each terrace.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     150m² - 300m²

Project Drivers



looking out to a roof terrace with planters and blue sky

Landscaped roof terraces

We were delighted to work with the client on this new commercial development in the heart of London, featuring six landscaped roof terraces and a living wall covering the top six storeys of the 20,204sqm office building.

We used planters and our modular living wall system in a unique way to connect each terrace at the top of this building, right next to another project we worked on too: the beautiful London Wall Place.

This allows users enjoying each of the six terraces not only a spectacular view of London, but a chance to interact and re-connect with nature too. 

staggered roof terraces of a large commercial development in london

BREEAM excellent

This new development is one of the first in the UK to achieve both BREEAM excellent and gold in the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification.

Both are expected to award the building high scores for its low impact on the environment.

people enjoying the views from a landscaped roof terrace in london

The development is a notable addition to our portfolio of high-quality offices in the City including a magnificent plant façade to help green the glass and concrete all around.

Partner at Brookfield Properties

Low maintenance solution

A selection of low maintenance plants were chosen for this project, including Erica carnea 'Springwood White', thymus serpyllum and sedum spurium.

construction workers installing a living wall to a landscaped roof terrace in london

Stunning contrast

The plants chosen were to give colour and interest at all times of the year whilst also creating a natural and bio-diverse backdrop in an area famous for its glass and concrete.

landscaped roof terrace in london

How's it doing now?

To see what this project looks like in 2022, take a look at this video.

looking across london from a terrace