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Micklands Hill Private Residence

This client wanted to create a home that didn't interrupt the beauty of the surroundings.  Installing a green roof was one way to help the house blend more easily into the surroundings, not to forget to create a place where nature had a home too!

Featured Solutions:

  • Sedum GrufeKit

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Industry:     Residential

Project Drivers




Micklands Hill Green Roof

Scope of works

The fact that the Viritopia GrufeKit system is a simple self-install meant that it was the perfect choice for this homeowner.  Within a few days he had his very own lush green roof, and within a week, the bees were making their home there too.  The GrufeTiles are fully established before they come to site, so it is maximum impact from the day of installation.

View the GrufeKit range.
Bumblebee amongst wildflowers