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Project Background

Trojan Group, KFC main contractor for their restaurants, took us on to complete the design and installation of the two living walls at KFC’s newly refurbished branch in Chelmsford.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)


  • 32m ²

Oxygen produced:     54.6 kg per year

Air Quality:     4160g dust trapped per year

Project Drivers


Social Impact

Air Quality

A fast food drive-thru with living wall

Improving the air quality with plants

Being a drive-thru, the architect wanted us to focus on plants that had greater air purification properties, to help mitigate the car fumes as customers sit and wait for their order.

Lush living wall next to KFC sign

Pre-grown living walls

As the living walls were able to establish for over 12 weeks at our nursery in Chichester, when installed onsite there was instant impact with the plants being fully grown.

Vibrant living wall by ordering bay

11 herbs and spices

Although, the 11 herbs and spices KFC are famous for were not part of the planting design, we did include Rosemary and Caryopteris incana (a perennial aromatic herb), which you should be able to notice by the scent.

Lush living wall as you drive to collect food

We're delighted with the recent installation of the green wall at KFC Chelmsford.

Shaun Welsh

Director at Trojan Group