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Client Background

The Colombo is a unique shopping and entertaining experience, positioned in downtown Sydenham, approximately five minutes' walk from the CBD of Christchurch. The Colombo stands as one of Canterbury's elite retail and entertainment establishments, building on the region's iconic and organic character with a distinctive, Europeaninspired niche that indulges in world class trends. What defines The Colombo is its harmonious blend of retailers, including an arts cinema, European-style bars, decadent culinary providers and many fashion, beauty and homeware boutiques. The residents share an innovative attitude towards retail, and connect the people of Canterbury with pioneering international offerings that effortlessly fuse with local lifestyles.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Certified Partner:     Oasis Greenery Systems NZ

Client:     The Colombo

Project Drivers


Social Impact


close up of interior plants in a green wall

The living wall

Whilst the shopping centre had a stunning aura to it, greenery was missing from the environs. Working with our distributor in New Zealand, this living wall was designed and built using the Viritopia living wall system. One of the main challenges of installing the living wall was providing a place for water to drain. 

indoor plant species close up in a living wall vertical garden

The irrigation...

Situated in the middle of the internal shopping precinct, there was practically nowhere the water could run. Our experienced team of designers incorporated a water tank into the hoarding at the base of the wall, including a submersible pump. Water is pumped in a regular cycle, keeping the wall constantly lush and green.

striped natural living wall behind seating in a mall