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Client Background

The first swiss centre specialising in dental hygiene and prevention, HD offer regular and affordable access to a dental hygienist.  With a stylish brand and two clinics to match, their next step was incorporating a unique living wall in their reception.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     7m2

Industry:     Healthcare

Certified Partner:     Future Eco-Systems

Project Drivers



A calm atmosphere

Creating a calm atmosphere at a dentistry is not done as often as it should be, but when done right, can have a huge effect on how patients feel about the clinic and their treatment.  A good design should never be underestimated.  In several separate studies, it’s been found that nature has real positive impacts on mental well-being, reduces stress and has a calming effect.

Getting design right

HD have got it right.  Using a neutral but fun colour palette, and their rooms dotted with interesting photos, drawings and plenty of books to read, their clinics really are designed for the patients.  Designing a living wall that incorporated their logo for the waiting area, we worked with our certified partner, Future Eco-systems, and focused on a lush green plant palette that complimented the existing design.

We love the combination of the planting, gold signage and wooden features.