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Client Background

With feature concrete ceilings and exposed brickwork, this 1,400m2 scheme involved remodelling of the exterior elevation at ground floor, renovation of the reception, common areas and offices.  We were pleased to be able to work with Garnett & Partners on the design and installation of the living wall.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     18.5m²

O2 production:     31.45kg per year

Carbon extraction:     24.05kg per year

Project Drivers



Perfect combination

Already with exposed brickwork, stark white walls, wooden features and an industrial style, we were excited to highlight the stunning contrast that natural plants could provide in an environment with plenty of harsh surfaces.

Fully integrated

Recessed symmetrically into the wall, the greenery lends a much-needed pop of colour to the office space, and will provide significant biophilic benefits to the staff.