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Client Background

Established in 1947, the Swedish fashion firm H&M has more than 3,600 stores in 59 international markets. They believe in making fashion sustainable and sustainability fashionable.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     1m² - 25m²

Project Drivers


Social Impact

break out room in an office space with a living wall of interior plants

Go greener

H&M decided that living walls around their newly refurbished offices were one great way that the firm could go greener indoors. The interior walls they chose needed to be installed overnight to prevent any disruption to their staff.

Viritopia completed three walls (totalling 21.5m2) using 12 different varieties of interior plants including Maranta leuconeura and Chlorophytum comosum 'Ocean'. To support healthy growth, we set up artificial lighting to provide the colour spectrum they required. Two of the living walls greet visitors at reception with a third adding a further soft, relaxing touch to a staff breakout area, which already features an artificial grass floor.

interior living wall with neon signage