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Client Background

Designed by architect Shaun Killa, now of the Killa Partnership, this impressive structure is “a high-tech showpiece of technological advancements”.  One of the most uniquely designed buildings in the world, this will be used for events and exhibitions.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     1618m²

O2 produced:     2750 kg per year

Carbon extracted:     2103 kg per year

Project Drivers

Social Impact


museum of the future lit up at night

Why the Viritopia Living Wall?

The aim was to create a ‘green hill’ with the building inside supporting the main structure above, with our living wall wrapping around this to conceal.  The Viritopia Living Wall System was chosen as it was the only system that could be used in this way and not only survive but flourish in the extreme climate.

landscaped hill leading up to the main structure in dubai

A green landscape

Leading up to the main structure itself are steep landscaped banks with sleek windows cut into the side and walkways.  On the steepest parts of the bank, the Viritopia Living Wall System was used, planted with a natural substrate that is best suited to the area and just one specie: Sea Purslane (Sesuvium portulacastrum Green Carpet), to create an entirely green landscape.

green bank and museum of the future in dubai

Working with...

We worked with our certified partner, Desert Group, to design and supply the system for the project.

A poem

The exterior of the showpiece building is covered with windows that form a poem by Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed, about his vision for the city's future, written in Arabic calligraphy.

green landscaped bank with circular hollow steel structure