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Client Background

Providing over 2000 parking spaces over 7 floors, this new multi-storey car park in Cheshire was created in a joint venture between Steel 4 Structures and SCC Design Build, and Viritopia were brought onboard to work on designing and integrating the greening on the project.  We also worked alongside Maple Sunscreening to deliver the living façade elements in addition to their rainscreen cladding system.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)
  • Climbers

Size:     322.5m2

O2 production:     549kg every year

Carbon extraction:     419.9kg per year

Project Drivers



Flowering living wall at multi storey car park

30,960 plants

With more than 300 square metres of natural soil-based living wall, we’ve designed this to be an environmental asset with over 60% of the selected species holding significant ecolgical and biodiverse value.  In total we've used 24 different plant species, including daffodil bulbs.

As the wall becomes more established, we’ll start to see it really come into its own as an alternative habitat for bees, insects and maybe some birds!

Climbing plants

The combination of climbers the natural living wall (which has 30,960 plants) makes this car park really stand out. 

Greening our car parks

Car parks often have a lot of potential for greening with all the grey concrete or steel facades, and we’re proud to have been able to work on so many of them.

green living wall at mutli storey car park