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Client Background

UWC Dilijan represents an exciting extension of the UWC (United World College) movement into the Caucasus region at the junction of Asia and Europe, halfway between Yerevan and Tbilisi, the capitals of Armenia and Georgia. An international co-educational boarding school, UWC Dilijan has an international body of students from over 40 different countries and the curriculum is taught in English.

Our living walls take us all over Europe and Asia and we were particularly honoured with our commission for the Dilijan International School; intended to be instrumental in urban and social development for the area.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     300m² +

Industry:     Education

Project Drivers


Social Impact

Dilijan International School In Armenia With Living Walls and Green Roofs On Campus

The exterior green walls we installed are the first living walls in Armenia, involving 1500m² of planted walls in various shapes and sizes, all over the college campus.

Dilijan International School In Armenia With Living Walls  On Campus At Night

As with most of our living walls, we researched species native to the region of planting which would survive readily in a low-maintenance modular installation. And as well as being an important ecological and learning tool for pupils at the school, it was an economic boost to the region. 

Dilijan International School In Armenia With Living Walls  Next To Seating Area

We employed local labour in this traditionally poor area to help with the installation of our walls and, aided by the schoolchildren, to handpick plants from the nearby woodlands and mountainsides with which to populate the walls they’d assembled.

Dilijan International School In Armenia With Living Walls In Construction

Once the design had been completed, all the modules were planted up at a local nursery prior to being delivered to site. This ensured that all plants had the chance to acclimatise before they were installed onto the vertical walls of the college! 

Living Walls At Dilijan International School In Armenia

Working with a whole team of landscapers, builders and casual labourers, we pulled the whole project together through to completion by the end of June 2014.

Dilijan International School In Armenia With Living Walls