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Client Background

Creating a new collaborative space at Hampshire’s premier business destination, Chineham Park’s new building is named ‘The Exchange’ for a reason: to promote The Exchange of ideas.  This is reflected in the thoughtful biophilic design of the space, with natural light, inspiring interior features and plentiful access to greenery.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System

Size:     30m²+

Industry:     Commercial Building Facades & Carparks; Offices and Workplaces

Project Drivers



Air Quality

A new concept

This development is, according to the Chineham Park site, “a new concept from Frasers Property that provides an agile and welcoming workspace for dynamic companies and their people who want to connect in an inspiring, technology rich environment.”

living wall around a window

We worked with ASA Landscape Architects to design, create and install the 30m2+ living wall on the side of The Exchange building that surrounds the lower floor windows as part of the larger landscape design.

Supporting the local environment

With the overall aim of going carbon neutral and boosting the biodiversity of the local area, the plant selection centred around providing significant ecological value.

Biodiverse value

We're pleased to see just a few weeks after installation, the natural living wall is already providing biodiverse value with flowers blossoming and bees making themselves at home!  Working on getting the right balance in the plant palette created for the project has meant that we're firmly on our way to achieving our goal of having a positive environmental impact.