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Client Background

This client was building a luxury home overlooking the beautiful Saint Brélade bay on the south west of Jersey. They wanted to include a living wall to add greenery to their patio area while saving space. They also needed to consider the local climate and conditions as they cliff on which the house is built is very wind swept and right by the sea with slightly saline conditions.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall (Exterior)

Size:     1m² - 25m²

Industry:     Residential

Project Drivers



Two Living Walls At A Home In Jersey, Creating A Welcoming Patio Area

The Viritopia Living Wall was shipped to the island planted and installed by our local certified partner; C. A. Frazier. The client is very happy with the result and it looks stunning beside the tree ferns. 

Tree Ferns and The Living Wall In The Patio Space At A Home In Jersey