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Client Background

245 Hammersmith Road is the largest development in Hammersmith in 25 years, with the area's biggest flexible office floor catering for up to 2,400 people.  With its urban park, plaza and roof terraces that promote a sense of well-being, the green-focused centre of the development has been named 'A Big Green Soul'.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Industry:     Public Realm & Commercial Infrastructure

Project Drivers


Social Impact

Air Quality

Making an impact

A beautiful welcome to the nature focused development, we designed the living wall to create a modern and sophisticated entry to the heart of the office space, supporting the biophilic design theme that runs through the concept and promoting better air quality in this busy traffic-heavy area of London.

Partnered with

We worked with architect Sheppard Robson and Mitsubishi Estate to complete the living wall at 245 Hammersmith Road.