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Client Background

This building has been re-imagined as the new corporate HQ for Angle American plc and the De Beers Group, with an extra 3,700sqm of office floor space and a new glazed, metal and stonework façade amongst many other refurbishments to the original building.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     38m²

O2 production:     64.6 kg per year

Dust captured:     49.4 kg per year

Project Drivers



tropical l ush green living walls with a flight of stairs

Tropical plant palette

We designed the two living walls to form a striking statement along a large corridor with a small flight of stairs.  Based on a tropical plant palette with vivid reds and lush greens, we also had to take into consideration the lack of natural light and the dependence on lighting when deciding upon the planting design.

tropical living walls in a corridor