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Project Background

This project was completed ahead of the Men's Ashes (you may have seen the wall if you watched the games). It was designed for biophilia purposes as it gives the audience something to admire when the game doesn't go their way. 

Featured Solutions

  • ANS Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     80 sqm

wall with screen

Why this project?

Viritopia chose to go ahead with this project because we truly felt this space would benefit from our service. It was a bit challenging as it is both an interior and exterior wall - it is protected from the rain and outside weather, yet still open to it and gets most of the natural daylight that it would get outside. 

How did we nail the plant palette?

It is under shelter, yet still exposed to the weather so it was important we got it right. There were specific plants needed in there such as ones that can easily adapt to shadier areas, but still needing to be able to grow in a public space where people could damage it. 

longer shot