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Client Background

ECCO is a world renowned family-owned business, with a philosophy of making shoes that are shaped to fit the foot. They have shops around the world, and when they constructed a brand new Conference Centre on their head office site in Tønder, Denmark they wanted it to reflect the values and proud traditions of craftsmanship that are an inherent part of the company.

It has a stunning location in the open marshland by the Wadden Sea's unique natural setting, just a couple of kilometres from the Danish- German border.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Project Drivers


Social Impact

interior plants in a living wall in an atrium

Instant impact

The main atrium is dominated by two stunning indoor living walls. These stand over 6m tall, and their lush foliage wows visitors as they enter the venue. Viritopia was involved from the initial design stages, working closely with the architects to incorporate the irrigation systems and drainage within the building fabric, as well as designing the planting scheme to complement the modern, Scandinavian design of the Centre.

side view of lush interior plant living wall

UK to Denmark

The living wall modules were grown in the UK, and after being established they were shipped in dedicated, temperature-controlled transport across to Denmark. The wall was installed by one of Viritopia's highly experienced teams, with the complete installation being completed in little more than a week. 

interior living wall with interior plants


The living walls are maintained by a Danish interior landscaping company. Viritopia carried out extensive training with their technicians, making them fully competent in the care of the planting scheme and the use of the irrigation control system. With the ability to log on remotely to the irrigation controller, Viritopia continually monitors the system, and can make any adjustments that may be required without necessitating a trip to Denmark.

spiral concrete staircase in front of an interior green wall living wall

Viritopia's commitment to detail throughout the whole project was very impressive. They were a pleasure to work with, and the end result was breath-taking.

Client at ECCO