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Client Background

The Digby Road building has 97 apartments within it's terracotta cladding, and now has Europe's tallest living wall.  The building is near Hommerton Station in London and the living wall brings much needed greenery to the area.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)
  • Viritopia GrufeKit Sedum Green Roof

Size:     150m² - 300m²

Project Drivers

living wall and green roofs on apartment building

This project had a range of problems to overcome, the sheer height of the building for one.  The building has 14 floors and the living wall covers a huge 220 square meters using over 24,600 plants.  The wall is maintained by the Viritopia team who have to abseil the wall.  The living wall also met with a green roof (also supplied by Viritopia) at the top.  The green roof is at a 45 degree slope for 6 metres before leveling out.

living wall and sedum green roof on apartment building and rooftop