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Client Background

Crystal cruises is a luxury cruise company, who care for their guests, employees and the environment in a truly unrivalled way. With a spirit of goodwill, Crystal sail the globe connecting intimately with communities in ways that are both meaningful & conscientious.

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     25m² - 150m²

Project Drivers



outside living area on a cruise ship with a living wall

Signs of life!

When travelling on a luxury cruise ship like Crystal Serenity there's a lot of ocean between each destination with very little sign of life. Now travellers can relax and eat beside a beautiful living green wall, giving a sense of terra firma even in the middle of the ocean. Viritopia had to be especially careful in choosing the plants, as these ships and therefore the walls would face wildly differing climates as they moved from country to country.

living wall as a backdrop to an outdoor dining area on a cruise ship

Sub-tropical palette

We used more sub-tropical plants than we usually might on a single project. These are the first living walls ever to be installed on a cruise ship. We're delighted to report that there's been very little need to replace plants, despite those climatic changes.

living wall  in an outdoor living area

Viritopia are adaptable to any situation, installing on a cruise ship is no easy task, they went way and beyond to make ours walls truly spectacular. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you at Viritopia for your help and generosity all hours of the day & night, right from the early design stages, through to installation, maintenance and PR briefs.

Client at Crystal Cruises