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Project Background

Approached by Match Box Associates, our work was to produce a feasibility and value analysis to help drive successful decisions on the urban greening at Creative Apparel Ltd.

Our client at Creative Apparel was passionate about greening and giving his staff a better connection with nature.  The aim was to have green infrastructure that could be enjoyed and maintained by the staff.

Proposed Solutions:

  • Soil-based living walls
  • Intensive green roof
  • Wildflower green roof

Project Drivers



Our first proposal

Our first proposal involved soil-based living walls along the façade, an extensive green roof and ground planting around the perimeter of the building.  Not only looking vibrant and full all year round, we proposed to structure the plant palette for the living walls as having 80% of the plants with ecological value, and with 20% of the plants having significant air purification properties: absorbing pollutants and dust and producing oxygen.

Plan view drawing of a building with green infrastructure proposed, including a green roof and perimeter planting

The living walls

The living walls were proposed to have bird boxes, bat boxes and insect hotels installed at various heights aiming to provide for the local wildlife.  These details were to be advised by the local environment team and the national bird protection consultants.

Side view drawing of plans for a large commercial building with green infrastructure including green walls and trees for biodiversity

Goal: minimal hardscape

However, a second revision was proposed as the project progressed, and the client decided to refurbish the roof terrace too, with the aim to have minimal hardscape.  We designed the roof in a way where even the pathways were designed to be grass rather than paving, with the surrounding wildflower meadows flanking the path and supporting local biodiversity. 

3D isometric plan of an intensive green roof with wildflowers, seating areas and an urban farm

Urban farming

Also included was a garden where the staff would grow vegetables including lettuce, tomatoes and herbs, and an informal seating area which could be enjoyed by the staff in their breaks, or used as a breakout space.

Wildflower green roofs

On the roof are two staircase lift blocks, which we’ve decorated with climbers, and covered the two roofs of these with extensive wildflower green roofs.  The key to this area was to make it as colourful and eye-catching in its design as possible.

Plan view of designed green roof for staff well-being and biodiversity

Sharing the space, online

Our client was interested in making it a social space where it would be ‘social media friendly’.  The unique setting and beauty of the design was to encourage the sharing of photos.

3D isometric drawing of a commercial building designed with green infrastructure like living walls, trees and a roof garden