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Project Overview

Brightwells, Farnham, UK has had an Viritopia makeover. Going from a standard retail wall with not a lot of excitement on it, Viritopia transformed it into 950m2 of creativity and beauty. This wall is purely designed for biodiversity which has successfully been complete. 

Architects - Scott Brownrigg

Contractor - Crest Nicholson

Featured Solutions:

  • ANS Living Wall System (Exterior)


  • 950m2

Project Drivers



The environmental gains

950m2 of greenery can do a lot for the environment, and here is the proof: 

- There are approx 91,000 plants just in that project alone. 

- Around 123,500 grams of dust will be trapped per year.

- It will produce about 177kg of CO2 per year 

- And there is around 45,600 kg of soil on that building. 

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