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Client Background

A carbon negative beer hotel, DogHouse Manchester opened in August 2021, inviting their fans to this modern fun space “packed with signature BrewDog details”.  In their own words, the project involved “co2 eating paint throughout, the whole outside of the building being covered in a living wall and our rooftop bar featuring an urban rooftop jungle.”

Featured Solution

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     272m²

Project Drivers

Social Impact


Air Quality

green wall on side of 1960s style building around windows


We worked directly with BrewDog to design and install the vibrant living wall, which is based on an evergreen plant palette with flowering plant species for seasonal interest.  Being a relatively busy urban area, we wanted to also focus on improving air quality, which we did by selecting plant species that hold significant air purification properties.

flowering living wall at brewdog hotel