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Project Background

Working on this project with Norr Architects, we created both a biodiverse and biophilic space for the ASN School in Scotland. This 264 sqm has made all the difference! 

Featured Solutions

  • ANS Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     264 sqm

Project Drivers


How has it improved the local area?

As with all our projects, there is always an improvement in the biodiversity and pollution etc. But this ASN project is on a school, meaning there will be plenty of people to appreciate how much it is benefitting. 

corner shot

How is beneficial to the students?

There is a lot of information to go into, but we will shorten. 

Green infrastructure helps students concentration. It has been proven that students who have no greenery to look at tend to lose concentration quicker than those that have green infrastructure to look at. 

That's not to say that the students at ASN are automatically going to become boffins, but at least they have a longer concentrations span than others! 

shot with flowers