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Client Background

A contemporary conversion of the original building to give it a modern feel with high quality detailing and materials, ultimately increasing asset value.

We worked with Morrow + Lorraine and AIS Interiors.

Featured Solutions

  • Viritopia Living Wall System (Interior)

Size:     83m²

Project Drivers



living walls either side of a large notice board

"A mesmerising spatial experience"

The aim of the design at 88 Wood Street was to “deliver a mesmerising spatial experience using sophisticated details to create an international top-grade building environment”, and that has clearly been delivered.

modern reception area of high rise building with living wall

Sophisticated reception

The large reception area boasts full-height glazing, a 45 metre long living wall bursting with live plants, as well as a flexible style co-working area, a full café, and welfare facilities such as cycle racks, showers and lockers.  As AIS Interiors say, “the finished aesthetics of the space create a tranquil and sophisticated space where every carefully selected detail comes together to create a serene experience”, and we couldn’t agree more. 

spatious modern reception with living walls and full height glazing

Biophilic design

We are excited to share our part in this stunning example of biophilic design, combining plenty of natural light, open space, living walls and ‘hanging’ baskets and planters to promote a focus on well-being in the workplace.

seating area in a reception with a backdrop of a lit-up living wall