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Project Background

145 City Road is a wall driven by air purification and biodiversity. Being on two sides of the building, this allows for double the impact. 

Featured Solutions

  • ANS Living Wall System (Exterior)

Size:     300 sqm

Project Drivers


Air Quality

from the ground image of 145

Surrounding the building

The wall is like a gift wrap effect on the building with how it wraps around the building. Spreading around the front of one side of the building and over-lapping to the left, there is another one the same size on the far right of the building, meaning that a majority of the building is covered in greenery. 

What's inside?

On the left, there is a restaurant inside which the living wall covers, meaning that it is quite high traffic. Along the building slightly, where the other wall is planted, this is office space. 

Both of these areas are ideal for a living wall in the way that the environment is constantly improving, and it is a talking point for everyone around, improving the social impact too.