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As we approach 2022, businesses are doing more than ever before to spend their money more efficiently, help the environment, and ensure that they operate with an environmental conscience. 

What better way to show the world that you operate as an eco-conscious organisation, and make a real difference to the local environment, than installing a bio-diverse sedum roof on your building. 

But what is a sedum roof? And why should you install one? Read on as we explore the topic in more detail. 

What is a sedum roof?

A sedum roof is a type of living green roof, and refers to the name of the plants and wildlife that can be installed on top of roofs. 

Once a durable, waterproof membrane has been applied to your roof deck, a layer of vegetation (living plants) is installed over the top of it. 

This acts as a ballast, to provide stability to the structure, prevent the roof from moving, and keeps it weighted down. 

These biodiverse green roof installations provide a home to wildlife, and provide an attractive, natural view for those in neighbouring office or residential spaces. 

Why choose sedum for green roofs?

The great thing about using sedums on a green roof is that they are shallow rooted plants and don’t need a lot of growing space. Sedum plants appear to sit on top of the shallow soils they grow in. 

sedum roof

Benefits of a sedum roof

  • Improves roof drainage
    Traditionally, water is filtered into built-up areas. A sedum roof provides a great alternative to this, as the plants can absorb the water they need, before letting the water run its natural course. This delays the rainwater from reaching the drainage system too quickly.

    This process helps to manage the level of water on the ground, reducing the load on the sewage system, and preventing the risk of flooding. 
  • Insulates roofs and improves energy efficiency
    With political and social focus shifting to reducing energy waste in 2022 and beyond, it’s not hard to see why insulating roofs is becoming a priority for businesses.

    By installing a sedum roof, businesses can reduce the loss of heat through the roof, as the layers of sedum will provide insulation to the building. This enables businesses to spend less money on heating their office space during the colder months.

    Additionally, a sedum roof can prevent your roof from becoming too hot in the summer months. When a roof becomes too hot, it causes the temperature in the rest of your building to rise too, prompting businesses to switch on the air conditioning. But this isn’t the case for sedum roofs, which can keep roofs cool. 
  • Improves air quality in the area - Adding plant life to the roof of your building can help to filter pollution from the air, and convert the CO2 into oxygen instead. The leaf of the plant will trap harmful particles that float around in the air, reducing the amount of smog in the local area, and improving the air quality in the process. 

    Extends the lifespan of a roof- Installing a sedum roof can work wonders for the longevity of your roof, especially in the warmer summer months. Plants will soak up the UV rays from the sun - reducing the effects of the rays on the roof and improving its life span. Additionally, because sedum roofs have a natural ability to withstand certain weather conditions, the sedum roof can help to extend the life of the membrane and roof beneath it.
  • Reduces noise inside and outside your building - Noisy cars, a bustling street and other various sounds can be a nightmare to deal with when you’re trying to concentrate in the office. A sedum roof can help to reduce the noise from outside sources, by acting as a sound barrier to your building. The plants will absorb sound, providing a quieter working environment inside the office - and outside too!

Establishing a sedum roof with Viritopia

At Viritopia, we provide all types of buildings across the UK with sedum roof systems. Whether you’re looking to improve the air quality in your area, or increase biodiversity, contact our team today - we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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