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We’re excited to bring you series 2 of our live webinar learning sessions!  After such great positive feedback and requests for more sessions on various topics, we’re back having used your feedback to come up with a plan for the coming weeks.  This time we’re focusing on living walls and their application in architectural design including the possibilities within planting, the opportunities for creativity and designing installations as a part of a greater purpose.

All sessions last 20 minutes and will be hosted by our Urban Environment Consultant, Steve McIntyre who has been working in the green infrastructure in architecture field for over 20 years.  Steve is passionate about sharing how and why design (inside and out) holds so much value not only for retail but also for society and the environment.  Find out more about Steve here.

As in series 1, we may be joined by professionals in the specific session topics.  It’s great to get a variety of viewpoints and for them to share their expertise on the subject too.  We’ll keep this page updated!

Questions and ideas are welcome – we love to hear from you and get inspired by your creativity.  See the schedule below for what’s coming up…

The 3 Methods of Living Façade Installation

Simplifying the process of a living facade installation, we'll cover the 3 main build-up options including the benefits of each and why looking at the green infrastructure in the early stages of a scheme will mean a cost saving.

This live webinar took place on Wednesday 10th June.  If you couldn't make, click the link below for the recording.

Finding Opportunities Within Plant Design and Selection

A closer look into how we can find the opportunities within the planting design of a living wall, creating an installation that positively impacts urban biodiversity, air quality and the community.

This live webinar took place on Thursday 18th June.  If you couldn't make, click the link below for the recording.

Maximising a Living Wall for Biodiversity

Understanding how we can utilise the power of a natural living wall to reap the benefits for biodiversity and local ecology, looking specifically at the diversity in the plants species available and the creation of habitats within the facade.

The Science Behind our Irrigation System

A look into how we've created an automated calibrated irrigation system for our living walls, ensuring a healthy flourishing installation with no toxic run-off or chemical waste.  Also covering the opportunities we have to promote sustainability by way of how you choose to utilise the irrigation system.

Creating Experiences with Living Architecture

A discussion on the possibilities there are in creating fun and interactive experiences through architecture and design, supported by a guest speaker from the St Mary's 'Chiswick Oasis' initiative, and 5 stunning case studies that exemplify successful implementations of living infrastructure to create enriching experiences for the community.

Designing Living Installations Around the World

How can one living wall system flourish worldwide in climates ranging from the harsh cold of Northern Europe to the hot arid environment in the Middle East and Australia?

In this session we'll take a look at why this living wall system allows us to complete successful projects around the world.

Living Walls as Part of a Greater Purpose

Understand how living walls are not just for aesthetics, but are to be regarded as long-term sustainable solutions that can positively impact our planet and the people as part of a greater purpose.

This series has now ended but series 3 is coming soon!  Subscribe here to receive our weekly event updates and keep in-the-know.

If you have a topic you'd like us to cover in future series please do let us know.  Email marketing@ans.global or give us a call on +44 01243 545818.

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