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Opening up a new topic every week, we want you to join us in our online webinar learning series.   Featuring a professional in the field, someone who is simply passionate and full of innovative ideas or one of our in-house consultants, each week we'll bring something new to explore.  Ranging from biophilic design and the power of nature to how we can make a difference with green infrastructure in our cities, we're going to spend 20 minutes a week in a live discussion sharing what we've found out with you! 

Over the next few weeks we need to support each other more than ever.  Join in on the discussion, learn something new and we can get through this together. 

Did you know positivity is contagious?  That's something we actually do want and need to catch right now, so join us and let's make a difference!

Our first live session will be at 11:00 am on Thursday 16th April.  Keep an eye on this page for updates on the new topics each week. 

What makes a healthy city?

Steve McIntyre will be exploring the key factors that contribute to a healthy city which of course leads to healthy people!  With many years of experience in horticulture and the application of what's living into architecture, Steve has spent much of his career working with architects, planners and specifiers, opening up the possibilities of green infrastructure in the built environment.

This live webinar took place on Thursday 16th April.  If you couldn't make it, click the link below for the recording.

Incorporating well-being into design 

Evidence highlighting the connection between our mental well-being and nature is growing.  But are we adapting the way we live and work to reflect these findings?  What if our built surroundings could encourage a better state of mind, encouraging happiness, health and consequently ability to focus and productivity?

In this 20 minute discussion we explore the changes we can make within design and how these changes affect the way we feel.  

This live webinar took place on Thursday 23rd April.  If you couldn't make it, click the link below for the recording.

An Introduction to Urban Greening 

What's the cost of smarter, cleaner, healthier places compared to a polluted environment or a bad culture? 

Built on years of experience working with councils, planners and specifiers, our Urban Environment Consultant Steve McIntyre will not only be opening up the key advantages of urban greening, but will also be sharing advice on how to find the funds that are available to explore green infrastructure concepts in our cities and where to look to see the potential and grasp the opportunities!

This live webinar took place on Thursday 30th April.  If you couldn't make it, click the link below for the recording.

A Scientific Approach to Urban Greening

...with Liverpool's URBAN GreenUP Scheme

Featuring Dr Juliet Staples, Senior Project Manager of the URBAN GreenUP scheme, we'll be discussing the several visionary schemes around the city as part of a world-wide effort to develop and validate a methodology for urban greening that will lay the foundations for other cities to work from.
Focusing on the science behind the solutions, we'll find out not only how they are overcoming the challenges of re-introducing nature into a crowded city, but also the value they are proving for the community and the environment.

This live webinar took place on Thursday 7th May.  If you couldn't make it, click the link below for the recording.

Introducing Vertical Greening into the Public Realm

Join Steve McIntyre, our Urban Environment Consultant as he explains the practical side of re-introducing nature to our urban spaces with vertical greening.  Understanding the flexibility we have when we work with nature and how we've been able to install flourishing living facades around the world in ranging climates will inspire you to take a different approach to design and specification. 

We'll also talk through installation details, share our favourite projects so far and not to forget a sneak peek at our biggest one yet that's coming in 2021! 

Understanding The Value of Biodiverse Landscapes

Joined by Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity Specialist Ashley Welch, we'll be discussing the value of incorporating biodiversity into our schemes, specifically for local ecology, real estate and the community. 

As we view our cities as ecosystems, we'll open up why biodiversity should be at the forefront of urban planning, and the broader value we can prove by incorporating green infrastructure into our cities. 

Image of National Grid Car Park

Have a topic you would like us to discuss?  Give us a call or send us an email with your suggestion. 

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